Monday, March 21, 2016

Not in Houses by Mail Pt 2 -- 1918-1940 -- They got names now

There was only half a dozen homes that I've found after 1918 when the houses started getting names. 

First off in 1920 we have the Sears Cinderella

Similar to the 1920's Oakdale bungalow. The exterior is close to the same with a slightly rearranged floor plan.

Sears Oakdale

Secondly 1921 gave us the Sears Harper. This house was a successor to the Sears Harmony that was offered the year before. Only difference is the absence of dormers.

 Sears Harper 

Sears Harmony

The 3rd house which was just found recently is the 1926 Sears Elmwood which is totally different style house than the earlier Elmwood.

Sears Elmwood 1926

The 4th house from 1929 was the Sears Parkridge. This house has the same floor plan as the Berwyn/Mayfield/Galewood house with a different entry.

Parkridge 1929

The 5th house from 1930 is the Sears Pendleton which is a brick veneer version of the Sears Sheffield

Sears Pendleton

Sears Sheffield

And 1930 also gave us a  Standard Built home with a different name but same floor plan as the non clipped gabled Rodessa.

The Sears Monticello the Standard Built version of the Honor Built Rodessa

If you find anymore houses that HBM missed please let me know.

The 1926 Elmwood picture is from Daily Bungalow and the Monticello is from a catalog found by Andrew Mutch. All photos can be found on my Pinterest boards with proper credit.

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  1. More great info, Dale! Andrew and I were just talking about that Pendleton.