Friday, April 1, 2016

Same Name, Different House Part 1 - Auburn, Auburn, Auburn!

Well to start the new topic of houses with the same names but different floor plans and styles we have Sears most overused house name.

The Auburn

Even before they had names from 1911 to 1916 Sears offered the No 176 which had a slightly different floor plan and appearance in 1916. In 1917 through 1924  they reversed the floor plan and named it The Auburn. Both were two story hipped roof houses which were more commonly known as four-squares.

1911-1915---No 176---1916
1917-1924 Sears Auburn

In 1925 Sears decided to reuse the name but this time on a side gabled, two story, single dormer house. This house morphed into a different house in 1926 called The Albany.

 1925 Sears Auburn

1926 Sears Albany

And finally again in 1933 through 1938 Sears brought out a cross gabled split level house by the same name. Also through the same years Sears offered nearly the same floor plan swapping the rec room for a garage in the Sears Chester.

1933-1938 Sears Auburn
& Sears Chester

While that all sounds a bit confusing these houses are only a few that shared names, number, floor plans or mixes of them. More on the way so stay tuned. 

Pictures from my Pinterest boards saved from Rachel Shoemaker, Rosemary Thornton, Lauren Russell and some Sears Modern Home catalogs.


  1. I like these interesting and informative posts-- thanks, Dale!

    1. Thanks! They're teaching me more as I write each one.

  2. You'd think if the "Auburn" was the go-to name for three decades, Sears should have noticed massive sales of models with that name. They should have re-introduced a "Crescent" in the 1930's.


    1. Never thought about that. On the list there are 4 Auburns. 3 four-squares and 1 side gabled from 1925. No 176's or Albany's or cross-gabled Auburns or Chester's found yet or at least not on the list.