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Same Name, Different House Part 2 - From Aurora to the Elmwood

Carrying on with Same Name, Different House topic we find that some of the houses that share a name also share either a number, a floor plan or had some changes to their floor plans through the years.

We start with the Aurora .
The earlier version was only offered in 1918 and although there was another house with the same style offered that year it didn't share a floor plan or a number.

Sears Aurora 1918

15 years later Sears decided to change the name of  the Sears Hartford that they brought out in 1931 and 1932  and in 1933 they renamed it the Sears Aurora. Both of these houses had 2 different floor plans which had a slightly different window arrangement and house length. Plan A had s shared living and dining room while Plan B split them with a cased opening. Plan B had an extra single window in the kitchen while Plan A only had 2 double windows on that side.

 Sears Aurora 1933

Sears Hartford 1931-32

In 1914 through 1921 Sears offered the 1 story cross gabled Sears Belmont. 

Sears Belmont 1914-1921

10 years later in 1931 through 1933 they used the Belmont for a projected gable house which was the brick version of the Sears Lynnhaven which was offered from 1932 through 1938.

Sears Belmont 1931-1933

Sears Lynnhaven 1932-1938

 On to the Sears Clyde first offered in 1908 until 1918 in its first incarnation it was a beautiful hipped roof style house..

Sears Clyde 1908-1918

After a 1 year hiatus Sears brought the name back in 1920 through 1929. This single story gabled roof house started with your choice of no bathroom(7030) or with a bathroom(9030). Later the no bathroom version was discontinued and a 4 foot wider version(9030B) took its place. The wider Clyde also added a few more windows on the sides and the front. Around 1925 they only offered the 9030A version but it's also on the catalog page with the 9030B so I mixed those years together.

Sears Clyde 1920-1923?

Sears Clyde 1924?-1929

Next we have the Sears Concord. From 1908 to 1923 the name was used for a nice 2 story hipped roof house.

Sears Concord 1908-1923

10 Years later Sears offered a trio of houses similar in design and floor plans. From 1933 to 1940 the Concord name was used on a split level house and part of the trio. Also part were the Homestead from 1933 to 1940 and the Oldtown only in 1933.

Sears Concord 1933-1940

Sears Homestead 1933-1940

Sears Oldtown 1933
This is one of a few houses I still have never found a floor plan for but HBM says it's a reversed floor plan of the Concord.

Lastly for this edition we have the Sears Elmwood
It was offered from 1911 until 1921. The first 2 years it had the plan number 162 Which had yellow pine floors and from 1913 until 1917 it offered oak floors under plan number 153. In the next 4 years the plan numbers changed twice from 3013 to 3068 for yellow pine and 3014 to 3069 for oak.

Sears Elmwood 1911-1921

In 1922 until 1927 the same floor plan with the sleeping porch screened in was renamed the Sunbeam.

Sears Sunbeam 1922-1927

And from 1909 until 1911 before the Elmwood used the number 153 there was another house that had that number.

Sears No 153 1909-1911

And until recently this house was not known of but thanks to Lauren Russell the Sears Elmwood of 1926 

 Sears Elmwood 1926

More to come so stay tuned!

Pics used in this post were borrowed from Rose Thornton, Lauren Russell or Sears Modern Homes catalogs.

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  1. Excellent information, as usual, Dale! For one thing, I did not know that the Hartford was later called the Aurora. I always learn lots of little details from your posts. Thanks!